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Assassin Emblem

The darkness is alive, you run in fear.
You won't survive, as I near.
When I arrive, I'll make it clear.

You can't be forgiven, don't waste your breath.
You will be given, a demons death.

I'll come from the shadows, I'll come from the sky.
I'll come from the gallows, prepare to die.

Your heart will race.
Before realization
Between time and space
A finalization
Without a trace.
A true assassination.

 I can see what you see not. Vision milky then eyes rot. When you turn they will be gone. Whispering their hidden song. Then you see what cannot be. Shadows move where light should be. Out of darkness, out of mind. Cast down into the Halls of the Blind.


Rank #1: recute/first rank when you join the guild

Rank #2: will be given within 1-3 months of being in guild

Rank #3: will be given within 3-4 months of making 2nd rank

Rank #4: will be given after 3-4 months after 3rd rank (must be active in the guild and prove that you can be trusted)

Rank #5: will be given after 5-6 months after 4th rank (must show that you are willing to be a big part of the guild IE seting up raids, dungeon runs put gold and mats in guild bank, ect.)

Rank #6(officer): will be given 6 months minammum after 5th rank (must have a recamindation from a rank 8 or higher and a minamum of 8 months in guild.) this rank you will be given a guild job to take care of wether that be seting raids, runs ect.

Rank #7-8(officer): will begiven 1 year after 6th rank. (must have recamandation from rank 9 or higher.)

Rank #9(councel memmber) will be given by GM only and after no less than 1 year in guild( must have recamendations from a minammum of 3 councel members and provided there are pasitions open [8 councel spots in guild]) this rank is the highest you can go in the guild. you will be required to help in the decision making of the guild and attending councel meetings.

all ranks are given with the understanding that you are an active member of the guild. contribute to the guild in any way you can. any guild member that is off line for more than 2 weeks without notifying an officer (ranks 6-8) will be kicked from the guild no exseptions. all guild members are not required but are erged to join in guild activites and raids this will make leveling easer for the guild. vent info will never be given to any non guild member. if you are cought giving vent info out to anyone other than guild personel you will be kicked form the guild. (officers) untill such time as the guild makes the level required to obtain income from guild members from dungeon looting all officers are required to put 10% of what they make in a week in the guild bank. if an officer rufuses to do so your rank will be forfit and you will be demoted to a more sutabel rank. for thows members that can recruit esure that you send an e-mail to GM staiting name, day, and if aplicabul the guild member who requested the recruit

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